Cigarillos and What you Need to know about them

Published on December 26th, 2012 00:00

Most cigar smokers, who tried authentic cigarillos, also known as small cigars, made of natural tobacco, confessed they got the same pleasure from indulging them as from the hand-made cigars.

On the other hand, cigarillos require less time for smoking and there is no additional equipment necessary for them, including guillotines and humidors, being one of the reasons for their skyrocketing popularity in the Western world.

Below we will discuss the major features of small cigars, their contents and best brands.

info about Cigarillos

What you need to know about cigarillos

It can be said that cigarillos are mini cigars, which are smoked just like cigars, without inhaling, in contrast to cigarettes. Europeans describe cigarillos as ‘Seven Minutes Cigar’, which means they are smoked rapidly, and fit the needs of those tobacco aficionados, who frequently don’t have time to burn a real cigar.

Premium quality mini cigar brands are manufactured of 100% tobacco, often mixed with flavoring agents, and wrapped in natural tobacco leaf. In addition, some of them are equipped with a filter-tip, and others are available without filters. Small cigars are selling in a wide variety of flavors, from conventional rum, vanilla and cherry, to unusual Latte or Macchiato.

On the other hand, most cigarillos are machine-made, while quality long-filler cigars are usually hand-rolled. But in this case its all about the price cigar aficionados are ready to pay for their delight.

Small cigars are generally made in Latin America and a number of European Countries, including Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Different Types of Cigarillos’ Tobacco Blends:

100% Tobacco

If you’re a fan of natural tobacco products, you can turn to the iconic Zino Davidoff cigarillos, or other 100% tobacco blends, such as Monte Cristo, Al Capone, or Cafe Creme – the best-selling cigarillo brand in European Union.

Other excellent brands of small cigars, made of natural tobacco leaves include Romeo y Julieta, Mercanudo, Churchill №5 and Colts.

Not 100% tobacco

In addition to premium quality brands, many companies offer affordable tobacco products, made of natural tobacco mixed with certain non-natural components and wrapped in homogenate tobacco leaf. The non-natural contents is usually indicated on the packs, so, if you are looking for a top quality product, make sure you are buying a brand marked as Natural Leaf.

Pipe Tobacco

Manufacturers of cigarillos also use pipe tobacco in their blends. The best-selling cigarillo brands containing pipe tobacco are Black Stone Cherry and Mild.

Cigarillos will be a great option for those cigar smokers who don’t have time or chance to buy luxury hand-rolled cigars.