The cost of smoking is cheap in Missouri

Published on January 28th, 2015 00:00

A new research unveiled as part of Tobacco-Free Awareness Week demonstrates that Missouri has one of the cheapest smoking costs.

At $1.177 million per over a smoker's life time, Missouri rated 8th among states with the smallest total smoking costs, as outlined by a review by Wallet Hub, an financial site.

State Smoking Rates

Kansas rated 19th with a $1.319 million cost. That could modify significantly if Gov. Sam Brownback's suggestion to increase tobacco tax is effective.

The research discovered the countrywide average cost of smoking would be around $1.4 million per smoker during a life time, which involves an average of $1 million for the cost of tobacco products.

The cost of tobacco products was concluded by what a smoker would have used up through 51 years by purchasing a pack of cigarettes daily and what the money would have gained if it had been spent in the stock market during that same period.

Other costs of smoking include health care, lost revenue, higher homeowner's insurance premiums and sufferers of secondhand-smoke exposure.

South Carolina had the smallest cost, at $1.097 million. Alaska had the greatest: $2.032 million.