Plan packaging in Australia

Published on October 23rd, 2013 00:00

Introducing the plain packaging has become a dispute among many. Australia has become the pioneering country who has taken part in the plan packaging which was introduced in 2012.

In December the plain packaging has come into full effect. The whole idea of introducing plain packaging consists in selling tobacco products in standardized drab, in dark brown packaging with large graphic health warnings. The package should not include logos, brand images, brand colors, or any type of promotional text. The product name and the brand should be printed on the surface and should be below the hard-hitting warnings which are depicting the health consequences.

Plain Packaging

Introducing the plain packaging seems a very positive aim which can help the government control the tobacco consumption, but the question how efficient would it be and whether the new regulations interferes with economical regulations?

The plain packaging's goal is to introduce the tobacco products as unattractive and not appealing to the consumers. The other goal is increasing awareness among smoking and non-smoking populations of the consequences related to smoking. The health warnings which are printed instead of the logos are supposed to reduce the ability of retail the packaging.

As desired would it be, introducing plain packaging does not stop people from smoking, they smoke because they smoke, not for the package. Introducing plain packaging might influence new smokers, or young children, although there is no data which would show the effect on the old smokers. In order to estimate the effects of the plain packaging, the long term cross tab research is needed among those who are beginners and those who are smoking for long time.

According to the smoking reports, consumers do not perceive the tobacco product as worse, and believe the plain package does not imply product change. Since the aggressive means of the government, tobacco industry has also taken high profile and led aggressive measures against Australian legislation.

Australian High Court has dismissed constitutional challenged which were brought by tobacco companies, and gave credit to the government. Although, the plain packaging is widely used, its efficiency has not been proven, and there is no yet any data from both of the parties.

Businesses still did not estimate the drop in sales, as well as the drop in smoking has not been estimated yet. Thus, in order to get a clear conclusion and understanding whether the plain packaging has importance, longitudinal studies.