Green Tea Helps Beat Nicotine Cravings

Published on August 28th, 2012 00:00

A discovery, made by Chinese researchers will help cigarette smokers who are trying to stop smoking and struggle with nicotine cravings.

If you are dealing with nicotine cravings, after quitting smoking, opt for green tea to overcome this urge, claims a recent study, carried out by Chinese researchers.

Green Tea helps quit smoking

The study, named ’ A Revolutionary Approach for the Smoking Cessation ‘, was published in the latest issue of China Life Sciences, an open-access, peer-reviewed medical journal.

During the research, scientists used custom-made cigarettes, containing green tea in the filters, in order to find out if green tea is capable to treat nicotine addiction.

The results of the study have also received positive feedback from medical professionals in India.

Phinse Philip, senior lecturer at the Community Oncology Department of the Malabar Cancer Research Center, admitted that pharmacotherapy, including nicotine replacement treatments had generally been considered effective in helping smokers get rid of the habit, however, sometimes traditional therapies do not help.

“Most smokers consume different types of tobacco, as it can provide some sort of relaxation. At the same time, chemical, known as amino acid L-Theanine, which is found in green tea, is a well-known relaxing agent, with powerful anti-stress properties, thus, it can substitute nicotine for smokers. The study carried out in China has proven that green tea can be used as a therapy to quit smoking,” Phillip said.

Despite the ban on smoking in public places has been introduced across the nation in 2008, smoking is still frequent in public venues in Kerala, including transport stations and cinema theaters.

Nearly 22% of Kerala population are smokers, which makes them vulnerable to many severe health complications, including various cancers, emphysema, heart problems and osteoporosis.

Thomas Varughese, head of the department of surgical oncology at the Lakeshore Hospital and Research Center in Kochi, admitted that consuming green tea after giving up smoking may help to reverse the likeability of lung cancer.

“Green tea, which contains many antioxidants, may help in recuperating the oxidant/antioxidant balance among former smokers, who have stopped using tobacco, including conventional cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco, in case they have consumed it long enough to offset the impact of the period of usage,” added Varughese.

In addition, the scientist noted that smokers usually have lower levels of basic nutrients, including Vitamins C and E, as well as calcium, zinc and the Omega-3 acid, which are play a vital role in improving immune system and maintaining proper metabolic activity.

“Consumption of green tea can provide a positive impact on the body’s immune system by absorbing free radicals and can decrease the risk from harm caused by dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke,” Varughese mentioned.