MT cigarettes

European MT cigarettes - $11.99 per carton. Prompt shipping all over the USA!

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    • Number of packs: 10

    • Number of cigarettes 200

    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 carton

    • Cigarettes ingredients:

    • Tar volume: 10.0 mg

    • Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg

    • $12.93

    • $10.34

MT cigarettes

MT cigarette brand name is a “new entry” for almost all western cig markets. This smoking product belongs to large tobacco company TUTUN CTC located in Eastern Europe. Regard to participation of TUTUN CTC on different international forums and competitions from Madrid, France, Russia and other where golden, silver and bronze medals were won guarantee the entry of this cigarette brand into the world cigarette market.

Fact that MT, along with all tobacco products of TUTUN CTC, are based on cigarette ingredients of finest excellence that reveal deep odor of best sorts of tobacco was acclaimed by thousands of smokers. Premium blended tobacco of MT brand taste is rich and revitalizing. If such attributes as “rich flavor” and “unique in taste” means something to you, then come together into the circle of thousands MT smokers.

Premium objectives of TUTUN CTC were to create a cigarette that will suit the taste of those who desire something remarkable and outstanding. Thus MT brand was created. Such a high level was achieved with the help of special blended tobacco of best sorts as American and Virginia together with some another varieties together with special aromatic additives.

Twenty cigarettes are placed in hard pack that holds the primary taste of MT brand in order to offer to smoker a taste of excellence superiority.

This premium product is available in hard pack with 20 cigarettes in each. The pack is designed in a representative manner of white and red colors that are completed by stripes of blue color. With respect to its smokers, TUTUN CTC produced MT cigarettes with a filter and in king size form because namely king size is most required on tobacco markets.

MT cig brand is for those who want to experience a new discovery in world of smoking.