Rothmans Cigarettes Improve BATs Market Share

Published on March 1st, 2017 00:00

Regardless of the government initiatives to reduce smoking, British American Tobacco (BAT) raised the amount of cigarettes it sold in 2016 marginally to 665-billion. Even though just 0.2% more than in 2015, BAT explained it reached this whilst the whole cigarette market experienced a 3% drop in volumes.

The group’s entire profit increased by 12.6% to 14.75bn pounds and operating revenue 2.2% to 4.66bn pounds. BAT stated that Rothmans cigarettes have helped to improve market share.

Rothmans cigarettes

Rothmans seems to be the manufacturer’s best-selling brand, boosting volumes by 36.9% and market share to 70 basis points. The highest sales were registered in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Nigeria, Turkey and South Korea.

Dunhill’s all round market share was firm. Volume dropped by 3.3%, pushed mostly by industry decreases in Malaysia and Brazil, much more than surpassing increase in South Korea, Romania and the ongoing increase in Indonesia.

Kent volume elevated just 1%, influenced by Chile, Turkey, and Japan.

Lucky Strikeincreased sales volume by 13.5%, with greater results in Indonesia, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, and Croatia, surpassing lesser volume in Argentina and Russia.

Pall Mall also demonstrated greater results in comparison to the previous year.