New Style, but Same Blend of Camel Blue

Published on October 30th, 2015 00:00
Camel Blue Cigarettes

Japan Tobacco is giving a new style to its Camel Blue cigarettes. These are Camel Blue KS 10's & 20's pack formats which come under changes. The cigarette packs with the new style are available for purchase from 1st October 2015. According to the manufacturer, the redesign will help strengthen Camel's status in the premium cigarette segment.

Even though improving the same quality mild flavour American tobacco blend that has become inseparable with the Camel Blue, the cigarette company added a modern design that current adult Camel smokers count on.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI Head of Communications posts: "Camel is a long-lasting sharp evidence of success within the premium cigarette segment. Having a 17.1% share of the Ready Made Cigarette (RMC) tobacco market, the premium category continues to be considerable for merchants and this modernization of the 10s and 20s pack formats will further reinforce retailer chance for good margins."